mag. Suzana Pisnik

mag. Suzana Pisnik


Mag. Suzana Pisnik counsels and offers clients legal support especially on the field of labor law, real estate law, and call for tender co-financed by European Union, environmental protection law, public procurement law. She cooperated a lot with preparing internal acts of the company from field of labor law. She also has experience from field of integrity and preparation of an integrity plan. She also has license for a real estate agent. She is an author of many articles from labor law and property law which she regularly renews. She is a doctor’s candidate for field of labor law.

Area of operation

  • Labor law
  • Real estate law
  • Environmental protection law
  • Procurement
  • Representation


Articles in legal practice:

  • Additional training of real estate agents: Legal Practice2017/16 - 17;
  • Harassment at work, Legal practice2016/41 - 42;
  • Chain of contracts for fixed-term employment 2016/31-32;
  • »Little gods« which protect birds and butterflies: Legal practice, 2016/27;
  • Double role of real estate agents: Legal practice 2016/23;
  • How long should judicial volunteer interns wait?: Legal practice2015/36 -37;
  • Dilemmas and solutions with premature termination of lease, concluded for a fixed period, by ZPSPP, legal practice; and rest

Published articles in FinD-INFO:

  • Termination of employment contract for reason of incompetence FinD-INFO articles, 2019; 19. 9. 2019
  • Concluding a fixed term contract, while the contract for an indefinite period stands still FinD-INFO articles, 2019; 12. 8. 2019
  • transferring annual leave into the next year: FinD-INFO articles2019; 4.7.2019
  • Internship; FinD.INFO articles 2019; 3.7.2019
  • Worker and overtime work; FinD-INFO articles, 2019; 3.6.2019; and rest.

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