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  • How to terminate a business lease?


    In business leases, there are many situations in which one party is no longer interested in renting certain premises and wishes to terminate the contract early. What are the legal options in such circumstances?
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  • FDI: screening on the grounds of security or public order in Slovenia


    In relation to foreign direct investments, the Regulation (EU) 2019/452 of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a framework for the screening of foreign direct investments into the Union (hereinafter: “the FDI Screening Regulation”) has already been in force since the 10 April 2019 but will be applied from the 11 October 2020. The FDI Screening Regulation establishes a framework for the screening by Member States of foreign direct investments into the Union on the grounds of security or public order and for a mechanism for cooperation between Member States, and between Member States and the Commission, with regard to foreign direct investments likely to affect security or public order. It includes the possibility for the Commission to issue opinions on such investments. Furthermore, nothing in the FDI Screening Regulation will limit the right of each Member State to decide whether or not to screen a particular foreign direct investment within the framework of this regulation.
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  • How to get a single residence permit for work and residence in Slovenia


    Slovenian legislation has established the principle of »One stop shop« for foreigners, in which foreigners have possibility to start process of obtaining work and residence in one place.
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  • Single residence and work permit for agents (representatives) of an undertaking


    The single residence and work permit (enotno dovoljenje za prebivanje in delo) allows foreign nationals from third (non EU) countries to enter Slovenia and find a residence, employment and work in Slovenia. Foreign nationals coming to Slovenia with the aim of finding employment, self-employment or work thus no longer need two separate permits.
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