Single residence and work permit for agents (representatives) of an undertaking

Single residence and work permit for agents (representatives) of an undertaking


The single residence and work permit (enotno dovoljenje za prebivanje in delo) allows foreign nationals from third (non EU) countries to enter Slovenia and find a residence, employment and work in Slovenia. Foreign nationals coming to Slovenia with the aim of finding employment, self-employment or work thus no longer need two separate permits.

A consent by Employment Service to an agent (representative) should be obtained for the purpose of representing:

  • sole trader,
  • legal entity established pursuant to the act governing companies (eg. unlimited company, limited liability company, public limited company, etc.) or
  • Slovenian branch of a foreign undertaking with which the foreign person wishes to take up employment or carry out work.

lasting longer than 90 days in a calendar year.

The Employment Service shall grant a consent to the issuance or extension of a single permit for an agent provided the following conditions are met:

1. the employer or hirer is operational, which shall mean that:

  • at least one person in full-time employment and registered in the compulsory social insurance schemes was employed for six months prior to the submission of the application; or
  • the employer as an individual is registered to pursue an activity and was registered in the compulsory social insurance schemes for at least six months prior to the submission of the application; or
  • receipts from the business activities of the company amounting to at least 10.000 EUR per month were recorded in its transaction account in the Republic of Slovenia during the six-month period prior to the submission of the application;

2. the employer filed monthly withholding tax returns for income from the employment relationship or payslips, if the employer employed workers, over the last six months prior to the month in which the application was submitted or during the period of operation, if shorter than six months, and had no outstanding tax liabilities as of the date of the submission of the application;

3. the agent is entered in the relevant register;

4. an employment contract signed by the employer or a civil law contract signed by the hirer is submitted;

5. the quota determined by the government of Republic of Slovenia has not been reached.

Where an employer has been registered for a period shorter than six months, the condition under point 1 of the preceding paragraph shall be deemed to be fulfilled provided that prior to submitting the application the employer invested at least 50.000 EUR in the activity in which the agent is to carry out work.

A foreign national must have appropriate health insurance and sufficient means of subsistence during his residence in the country or other guarantees that his livelihood will be provided, on a monthly basis, in an amount equal to at least the basic minimum income in the Republic of Slovenia.

A foreign national holding a valid single permit issued on the basis of a consent to an agent has the right to change jobs with the same employer, to change employers or to conclude a new civil law contract only on the basis of a new single permit.


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