How to obtain a single work and esidence permit in Slovenia

How to obtain a single work and esidence permit in Slovenia


1.       Where to file the application and what to attach?

Single permits are issued by The administrative unit with the consent of the Employment Service of Slovenia on the basis of the Article 12 of the Employment, Self – employment and Work of Foreigners Act and corresponding regulation. To obtain a Single permit, you have to submit the application for the Single Permit to The administrative unit. After the submission of the application, the administrative unit will ex officio (i.e. automatically) begin the process of obtaining a consent from the Employment Service of Slovenia.

Application for a single permit include the following evidence on fulfillment of conditions for consent:

  •  Photo of foreigner;
  •  passport or certified photocopy of foreigner’s passport;
  • proof of health insurance (if foreigner states that he/she is not insured in Slovenia);
  • proof of livelihood;
  • a certificate from the criminal record of the foreigner’s home country;
  • an employment contract signed by the employer;
  • proof of the foreigner’s proper education or professional qualification or the fulfillment of other conditions required by the employer;
  • a signed statement by the employer whether or not he provides accommodation for the foreigner;
  • a statement from the employer and proof that employer has invested at least 50.000 EUR in the activity in which the alien will perform work before submitting the single permit application (only applicable when the employer exists less than 6 months).


2.       The Single Permit is issued for the following:

  • employment, self-employment and work;
  • employment, extending employment, written approval because of changing workplaces with the same employer, changing employers or because of employment with two or more employers;
  • EU Blue Card;
  • posted workers;
  • training or further training courses for foreign nationals;
  • individual foreign national services;
  • work from an agent lasting longer than 90 days in a calendar year or seasonal work in farming lasting longer than 90 days.


3.       Consent of the Employment Service of Slovenia

Employment Service of Slovenia gives the consent if there are fulfilled the following conditions:

  1. that there are no suitable unemployed persons in the register of unemployed persons;
  2. the employer is registered or entered in the business register for activities in which the foreigner will work;
  3. the employer is not in the liquidation or insolvency proceedings;
  4. that the employer actively operates in the Republic of Slovenia, which must meet one of the following criteria:
  • the company must produce a minimum of 10.000 euro turnover in 6 months; or
  • the employer is at least six months included in compulsory social security in Republic of Slovenia; or
  • at least six months before the application is submitted, at least one person has already been employed and covered by compulsory social insurance; or
  • if the employer is registered less than six months, employer has to invest at least 50.000 EUR in the activity in which the foreigner is going to work before submitting the application.

5. employer has no outstanding tax arrears;

6. that the quota referred to in Article 41 of this Act has not been used. The quota refers to quota which is every year determined by government of the Republic of Slovenia;

7. that the foreigner fulfills the conditions required by the employer;

8. that an employment contract is signed with the employer in accordance with the provisions of this act.

If all above-mentioned conditions are fulfilled, then Employment Service of Slovenia gives a consent to a single permit.


4.       Procedure at The administrative unit

After obtaining a consent from Employment Service of Slovenia, The administrative unit checks if foreigner fulfills the following conditions:

  • a foreigner who wishes to reside in the Republic of Slovenia must possess a valid travel document whose validity must be at least three months longer than the intended residence in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • appropriate health insurance and sufficient means of substance during his residence in the country or other guarantee that his livelihood will be provided, on a monthly basis, in an amount equal at least the basic minimum income in the Republic of Slovenia;

In a scope of whether to permit or not to permit a single permit, a foreigner shall not meet the following criteria:

  • if the foreigner is subject to an entry ban;
  • if there are reasons to assume that the foreigner will not voluntarily depart from the Republic of Slovenia after his permit has expired;
  • If there is a suspicion that the alien might pose a threat to the public order and safety of the international relations of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • If there are reasons to assume that the foreigner will not abide by the legal order of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • If during the procedure for the issuing of a first temporary residence permit it is determined that the alien comes from regions where infectious diseases with epidemic potential are prevalent and listed in the international health rules of the WHO.
  • it is established in the process of granting or renewing the residence permit that any evidence of eligibility for the issue or renewal of the residence permit has been tampered with or forged;
  • it is established in the procedure for issuing the first temporary residence permit that the alien is actually already living in the Republic of Slovenia for reasons other than those possible on the basis of a visa;
  • it is established in the procedure for issuing the first residence permit that there are serious reasons to believe that a foreigner may be a victim of trafficking in human beings during his / her stay in the Republic of Slovenia;

After fulfilling all these conditions, the administrative unit issues a single permit which enables professional immigration to Slovenia and permits to reside and work in the Republic of Slovenia.


 Written by

Leonardo Rok Lampret


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